Tell us what you think of our Approved Contractor Scheme

16 June 2017

The ACS review is being conducted in partnership with the research company Pye Tait, and will look at all aspects of the scheme. Your participation in this review is important because this is your opportunity to shape the future of the ACS and ensure it remains relevant for the private security industry in the years ahead.

The review will include:

  • Benefits – A review of the benefits that the scheme can bring to its members
  • Recognition – Ensure ACS members get proper recognition for meeting high standards
  • A new standard – ensure that the new standard remains fit for purpose and reflects emerging best practice
  • Scheme operation – ensuring that the assessment process, customer service and how the scheme works are fair and efficient

Tony Holyland, Head of Quality and Standards, said:

“The ACS scheme has transformed the industry and we want it to continue to drive up standards. The ACS review will ensure the scheme continues to be relevant and reflects new thinking and emerging best practice for security businesses.

We want to hear from all stakeholders from across the industry; ACS companies, non-ACS companies and buyers of security. We want to know what you think should change and this review is an opportunity for the industry to shape the future of the scheme.”

The results of the ACS review will help us to identify how we can drive improvement in the private security industry – and, crucially, allow ACS businesses to differentiate themselves within the market.

It is important that ACS businesses get commercial benefit for meeting high standards, and the review will look at how best to give buyers even greater confidence in the scheme.

Ensuring that as many stakeholders as possible take part in the scheme will ensure that the ACS is value to the industry, buyers and the wider community.



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